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Sample News Conference News Release Form

Complete and disseminate to reporters and editors in your state one to two weeks in advance of your event. Don't forget to mail to state science association newsletters and journals, university education newsletters, science museum newsletters, etc.

Fill in the blanks and adapt to your event.

Print on appropriate letterhead:

Contact: ____________ (name of knowledgeable person)
____________ (phone, fax, e-mail)
Date: ____________ (date this is mailed)

NSTA and ____________ (funding source, such as ExxonMobil) TO FUND PROJECT REACHING INTO EVERY ______ (state name) SCHOOL

(city, state where news release originates) —On ____________ (day, month, date) at the ____________ (location), a consortium of state education groups will announce a major science education initiative, funded by the ____________ (funding source, such as ExxonMobil Foundation) and undertaken in conjunction with the National Science Teachers Association. The program, Building a Presence for Science, is establishing a state network in ______ (state name) to provide science teachers with more professional development, to network science teachers, and to promote inquiry-based science teaching and learning.

____________ (funding source) is providing $xxx,xxx to bring together various resources from the ____________ (list partners, such as state education department, state science teachers association, etc.).

____________ (name), ____________ (title) of ____________ (group/affiliation), says, “Building a Presence for Science will allow us to link several ongoing education projects so that we can help our science teachers bring inquiry-based science into every school and to every student. We plan to have all ______ (number of schools) of ______’s (state name) elementary, middle, and high schools on board within two years.”

Building a Presence for Science establishes state networks of science teachers by identifying leaders and equipping them with science education materials and resources. These leaders, in turn, communicate with teachers in schools throughout the state. The program provides professional development based on both the National Science Education Standards and on ___________(name state standards).

“Building a Presence fulfills a need that has not traditionally been met in science education,” says Gerry Wheeler, executive director of the NSTA. “The program sets up statewide networks of individuals who are advocates for good science instruction. We at NSTA are committed to improving science education and we believe this kind of network can bring about positive changes in classrooms nationwide.”

Founded in 1944, the National Science Teachers Association is the world’s largest professional organization dedicated to promoting excellence and innovation in science teaching and learning for all. NSTA’s 53,000-plus members include science teachers, science supervisors, administrators, scientists, business and industry representatives, and others involved in science education.

(insert background information on funders, such as this paragraph) ExxonMobil Foundation has contributed more than $6 million to the Building a Presence for Science program. Since 1955, ExxonMobil Foundation has provided more than $500 million in financial support to education organizations. The Foundation’s principal areas of interest in education are: K-12 science education; mathematics education with an emphasis on K-5; reform of undergraduate science, technology, engineering and mathematics education; and increasing opportunities for minorities.