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Exhibitor Workshop
Proposal Form

  1. You must be an exhibitor. Workshops will be strictly limited to companies exhibiting at the STEM Forum & Expo. The length of an exhibitor workshop is 60 minutes. A half-hour is allowed for setup.
  2. Fees.
    • There is a basic fee of $595 for each assigned workshop
    • For workshops which are more than 60 minutes or require space for in excess of 120 participants, workshop fee may involve special pricing.
  3. Cancellation.
    • STEM Forum: Preliminary cancellation deadline is January 16, 2014
    • Notice of cancellation must be in writing and dated on or before January 16, 2014
    • For cancellations dated after this date, a fee of $200 per workshop will be assessed.
    • For cancellations after March 1, 2014, the workshop sponsor will be responsible for the full cost of the workshops.
Note: All audiovisual needs must be made by the workshop sponsor independently of NSTA. Audio visual equipment order form will be included in the exhibitor service kit.

To Submit an Exhibitor Workshop Proposal at
NSTA STEM Forum & Expo
(May 15-18, 2014)
1. Online Exhibitor Workshop Proposals are being accepted through February 15, 2013. Proposal and deposit to NSTA guarantees announcement in the printed program. After this date, please contact Marcelo Nunez at (703) 312-9249 to discuss availability

2. Upon completion of the Online Exhibitor Workshop Proposal Form please print confirmation for your records.
Confirmation and notice of schedules and location will be sent to the company representative listed on the proposal at least 8 weeks prior to first day of the conference. NSTA reserves the right to decline any exhibitor workshop proposal submitted

Currently, you may submit proposals for the following conferences:
  2014 STEM Forum and Expo  
  New Orleans, LA  
  May 15-18, 2014  


Please supply the information requested below. (Please type information as you wish it to appear in conference program.)

Package ID 98799
Proposal ID 1267645
Company or Organization
Primary Contact First Name

Primary Contact Last Name

Work Address
Work City
Work State
Work Zip
Work Phone
Home Phone

Choose the conference for this exhibitor workshop proposal:

I. Exhibitor Workshop Information (Please type information as you wish it to appear in conference program)
Exhibitor Workshop No. 1 title:
I would like to present this workshop: times.

Please enter a brief description of exhibitor workshop (limit to 50 words). This description will be printed in the final conference program. NSTA reserves the right to edit descriptions as we see fit.


II. Exhibitor Workshop Demographics

Subject area of interest or application inherent in workshop. Check only one in each category for inclusion in subject listing of the final program.

Science Area

Earth/Space Science
Biology/Life Science
Chemistry/Physical Science
Environmental Science
Physics/Physical Science

Grade Level(s) of Interest
k 5 10
1 6 11
2 7 12
3 8 College
9 Other
National Standards Focus (if applicable)

Science Teaching Standards ---The knowledge and skills that teachers need to effectively teach science
Professional development Standards --- Preservice and ongoing learning opportunities for teachers
Assessment Standards --- Evaluation of student learning and progress toward systemic reform
Science Content Standards --- Knowledge and skills that students need to develop
Science Education Program Standards --- School and district-level support for science education reform
Science Education System Standaeds --- Policies and issues related to systemic reofrm efforts


III. Exhibitor Workshop Setup

Number of participants you can accommodate (NSTA will make an effort to schedule the workshop according to your information; workshop attendance is first-come, first-served. NSTA cannot limit number of participants.):

Setup Style Theater style setup
Classroom style setup
Number of participants Fewer than 50


IV. Exhibitor Workshop Presenter(s)

1st Person presenting workshop:

First Name
Last Name
Work Address
Work Phone number
Home Phone number

All presenters and workshop leaders must follow the Safety Practices and Regulations.

By submitting this proposal I agree to the conditions and regulations put forth in NSTA Minimum Safety Practices and Regulations for Presenters, Workshop Leaders, Exhibitors, and Advertisers.